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 Patent 9,542,915, Other Patents Pending.
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Keyless Nut Locks™ for Kahler® Black   (ID: 21)
Keyless Nut Locks

Custom engineered and precise machining allows for a simple DIY retrofit onto Kahler® style behind the nut string locks in just a few minutes.

After installation the hardened steel Keyless Nut Locks™ may be lifted and indexed to a player’s preferred position. The headstock tuners can now be easily access for tuning with a quick turn. Due to the superior design, unlocking and locking does not require readjusting as with cam lever based solutions often may.


As used by Steve Vai, Bill Leverty of FireHouse and Vic Johnson.


Currently available in both black and chrome finishes each retrofit kit includes:

One set of 3 Steel Keyless Nut Locks™

One set of 3 Hardened Stainless Steel Tightening Posts and Screws

One set of 3 Conical Springs

Lock base is not included.