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 Patent 9,542,915, Other Patents Pending.
Tone Vise® is a Registered Trademark

Custom Shop Deluxe Tremolo Stabilizer

The Tone Vise® Deluxe Tremolo Stabilizer stabilizes your floating tremolo while still allowing you the option to pull up. Perfect for use with a Tone Vise® Pitch Shifter™ D-Tuner.

Each one of these deluxe units have been customized with a brushed finished, vibrant red anodized aluminium baseplate. The brass "bullet" has been blueprinted and buffed to ensure the smoothest operation.

Comes with four mounting screws, two pads, decal and printed instructions. Easy installation and setup with the ability to fine tune adjustments. This unit can also be used on tremolo systems from Fender®, Gotoh®, Ibanez® and more.